Thursday, May 22, 2008

Great Moments in Betting History, Part 348

With under a minute to go in tonight's Celtics-Pistons conference championship game, the Pistons were inbounding the ball with a three-point lead. As the teams broke the huddle, the staff at the Undoubtedly Soon To Be Merged Financial Institution Garden tried to fire up the crowd by spinning the opening to Guns 'N' Roses timeless classic "Paradise City." Presumably, the song choice was intended to create an environment intimidating to the visiting Pistons, and coincidentally throw fear into the hearts of those in the betting community who had Detroit on the money line this evening.

However, any trepidation on the part of those bettors was undoubtedly quelled by the sight of Detroit forward Rasheed Wallace singing along to the G'n'R track as he took his position for the inbounds play. This was not the reaction of an intimidated player; indeed, 'Sheed went on to draw a foul and sink what was for all intents and purposes the game-clinching free throw. You'd have to think that the live line on betting futures on the game clicked to 1:1 on the Pistons at that point.

In any event, note to the Garden staff: Be Professional. Take the extra step and check the iPods of opposing players before making end-of-game musical selections. As a hint, we understand that Chancey Billups is deathly afraid of show tunes.

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