Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two Great Stallions Call It a Career

As reported by the Daily Racing Form, two of the most influential sires on both sides of the Atlantic are hanging up their breeding cleats. In Ireland, turf titan Sadler's Wells was retired because of declining fertility and the fact that he's 27, well into the twilight years of a horse. Coolmore Farm's management had nothing but positive comments on his career:
"I think Sadler's Wells is generally acknowledged as the best sire Europe has ever seen, and we feel very privileged to have been associated with him," said Coolmore manager Christy Grassick. "Despite his advancing years, he is still in remarkably good condition, and I hope he enjoys a long and happy retirement." (all quotes from the Daily Racing Form)
On this side of the pond, super sire Storm Cat was pensioned by Overbrook Farms, a huge loss to their bottom line since he went for between $300k and $500k a throw. What happened to him? They're not calling it declining fertility, but rather, the poor condition of his semen:

"We have been monitoring his semen quality throughout the breeding season, and there's been a decline in the quality of his semen," Waldman said.

Storm Cat will remain at Overbrook in Lexington for the remainder of his days.

"He's been a great asset to the farm, and it's been a privilege to be able to be associated with him," Waldman added.

Waldman said that Storm Cat is in good health for his age.

It's nice to hear that Storm Cat will still be around for tourists and the locals, despite shooting wads of insufficient quality. What's going to be tough is for Overbrook to calm the old hoss down; he's used to a large book of mares every year, and will probably not take turning into a Trappist monk lying down.

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