Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Return of the Daily Super Bowl Hype Meme

It's once again the most wonderful time of the year, when sportswriters across this great nation converge on a single spot in order to spend 13 days analyzing a sixty-minute football game. A time when the 24-hour sports news machine begins to eat its own tail in a desperate bid for survival. A time when players are paraded out for a series of daily interviews so repetitive, one former Miami Dolphin likened them to going to the dentist every day to get the same tooth filled.

Yes, we've once again reached the traditional 13 day period between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl.

These 13 days consistently produce the stupidest sports journalism of the year, simply because the length of the event overwhelms the typical sports journalism process. The process is ordinarily powered by talking heads taking ill-considered or insane positions on legitimate sporting topics in an effort to generate buzz. But that doesn't work for the Super Bowl, because there simply aren't 13 days worth of legitimate sporting topics surrounding one game. So instead the talking heads are forced to take ill-considered or insane positions on whatever meager shred of an idea they can come up with.

Thus are born Super Bowl hype memes, those bizarre talking points that seem to race through the media as desperately latch on to any passing idea that will let them kill the ten minutes until the next traffic report. We here at the GRBG have traditionally taken it upon ourselves to catalog and debunk these memes as they pop up, and this year will be no exception. Watch this space, as we drive ourselves crazy covering the coverage in a laudable attempt to shield you, the reading public, from the madness. Onwards.

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