Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lastings Milledge, NL All-Star

As some of you know, I post a fair amount over at Sons of Sam Horn. Usually I keep my SoSH stuff out of the GRBG, because I don't want this to turn into the four-zillionth Red Sox blog out there. Recently, however, SoSH has come up with a cause that is equal parts diabolical and stupid, one which we at the GRBG endorse with all four thumbs available at our disposal.

The cause is simple--get AAA outfielder and aspiring rapper Lastings Milledge elected as the token All-Star representative for the execrable Washington Nationals. The idea began in this thread, in which a number of Sox fans adopted the Nats in all their anti-splendor as their NL rooting interest for the season. That led to a discussion about the Nats' inexplicable decision to send Milledge to the minors when (1) the Nats were pretty much already a minor league team themselves, and (2) the team had previously been so high on Milledge that it had submitted his name to appear on the '09 All-Star ballot.

That in turn led to a grass-roots movement to send Milledge, an actual minor leaguer, to the ASG as the rep for the functionally minor league Nats. The cause has already been endorsed by Joe Posnanski, Keith Law, and some guy who blogs for the NBC affiliate in DC. It's time for the GRBG to get in on the ground floor.

How can you help? Easy. Go to and vote for Milledge all 25 times you're allowed. Only by getting Milledge elected to the All-Star team can we erase the shame of him having been drafted and traded for by notionally competent owners in the league so far this year. Get on board--it's the year of Thrilledge.

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