Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mike Scioscia is a Menace

Mike Scioscia has now not played Mike Napoli--a guy I kept, mind you--in EITHER of the first two games of the season. This despite the fact that he hit TWENTY-FOUR MOTHERF&$#ING home runs last year, and hit six more in spring training.

Scioscia--a good defensive catcher who couldn't hit his way out of a puff pastry--is instead starting Jeff Mathis because of his defense and game calling rapport with the Angels' starters. And that's worked out real well, seeing as how opposing baserunners are 1/1 on SB attempts, and the Angels' starters have given up 8 runs in 11 innings pitched.

Mike, baby, cut the sh%t. Re-consider whether it's a good idea to leave the second-best hitter on your team on the bench, OK? Thanks.

I swear, dealing with these f#$%ing people. I have enough problems managing my fantasy team without fat Mike Scioscia smearing meatball parm all over my lineup card.

[Deep breath]

OK, aura cleansed. But seriously, come on. Jesus.

(h/t to Walk-off Walk for the pic)

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