Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Worst Keeper of 2011

It's time for the annual poll and contest, the Worst Keeper of 2011. Who will join the ranks of Chris Ianetta, Rickie Weeks, Travis Hafner and B.J. Upton in the Hall of Ignominy?

The nominees are:
  • Jason Kubel, OF, Minnesota (Jeters Never Prosper). The sponsor on his page says: "Jason Kubel is my hero. Like if Nightcrawler was real and played baseball." I can't top that.
  • Ryan Raburn, 2B, Detroit (Kicked in the Nuts). Last year sported a stat line of .340 OBP, 54 R's, 62 RBI's and 2 SB's. Second base is weak, but this weak?
  • Aramis Ramirez, 3B, Chicago Cubs (Jeters Never Prosper). Had a .294 OBP last year, the second lowest of any keeper.
  • Jimmy Rollins, SS, Philadelphia (The Spam Avengers). May not actually be any good any more: last year he put up a putrid stat line of a .320 OBP, 8 HR, 48 R's and 41 RBI's.
  • Chris Sale, RP, Chicago White Sox (Le Dupont Torkies). Doesn't appear to be closing for the ChiSox, making him a young middle reliever.
  • Stephen Strasburg, SP, Washington (Wu Tang Financial). Definitely out for 2011 thanks to reconstructive surgery and plays on the execrable Nationals. Obviously a fun gamble for 2012, but is this the best use of limited roster spots?
  • Brandon Webb, SP, Texas (Wu Tang Financial). Last pitched an inning in April 2009.
  • C.J. Wilson, SP, Texas (chad has pretty feet). Came out of nowhere to have a nice season as a starter for the Rangers last year, are we sure he's for real?
Vote now! Poll closes at 10:00 AM Saturday so we'll have the results pre-draft.

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