Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Worst Keeper Award

The keeper lists are in, so it's time for our annual vote and award for Worst Keeper of 2015.  Shockingly, last year's winner Jonathan Villar, was not kept by Corey.  But can Corey win the award two years in a row?  Here are the candidates, in alphabetical order:

Henderson Alvarez (flying malaysians).  The epitome of meh.  Actually, that would be a much better team name for this entire team.

Jenrry Meija (Torn Ligaments).  He's probably the 3rd best Mets reliever, which is bad enough.  This guy's on the list more because he's guaranteed to give his owner heartburn on a weekly basis.  Aren't you supposed to enjoy baseball?

Michael Pineda (Wu Tang Financial).  Our 2012 winner returns!  He's made 13 starts in the last 36 months, so sure, let's use a keeper spot on him.

Jorge Soler (The Spam Avengers).  Soler Flare is probably going to be the best player on this list long-term, but he has 95 career PAs, 30% of which ended in strikeouts.  This seems a little ambitious.

Yordano Ventura (Charming Sociopaths).  As a Mets fan, I see no reason to think that Ventura's violent, hard throwing action will make it hard for his arm to stay intact.

Polls are open!


Corey said...

Hah... it can't be me, since you only nominated my second worst keeper. Suckers!

Anonymous said...

It's gotta be Pineda, right?