Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Incest is Best

I'm glad Deadspin already covered this---the hug that Joakim Noah gave his mother for about 40 minutes last night frightened the shit out of me and rose to the Angelina & her brother level of creepiness. Frankly, I think the guy in the goggles/glasses to the right is making the perfect expression of disbelief and disgust. I'm ashamed to have been even remotely rooting for them at any time. And I'm glad the snoozer of a Tourney is over---when does the Masters start?


JohnH said...

The guy in the goggles is his dad, Yannik (sp?) Noah.

Teddy said...

Correct--that's Daddy. Which frankly makes the slightly concerned expression even funnier. After watching that hug, Yannick went back to his hotel room and watched highlights of the 1983 French Open while getting absolutely blazed.