Sunday, April 1, 2007

Insightful Commentary

The erstwhile Joe Morgan just tried to argue that a home run hit by Frank Robinson on Opening Day in 1975 shouldn't count because he was a player-manager. Don't worry, it sounded even dumber live.

Also, the ESPN ticker keeps reporting that Riders of Rohan Davey threw for 8 TDs in an Arena League football game. I confess to having never seen an Arena game, so can someone enlighten me, is it insanely easy to throw for 6 indoors? Davey couldn't sniff time with the Cardinals, and they stunk.

In case you can't tell, the current MLB game stinks, since the Cardinals have utterly failed to show up. Way to defend your title, Elders. I leave you with this.


Evil Empire said...

Did you happen to hear Johnny Miller quickly and effortlessly disect Morgan's foolish arguement during last night's game that the 100 year old fake-throw-to-3rd-throw-to-1st move is a balk? When the pitcher is off the rubber he can make any move he wants - even if it is deceiving to a runner, which was the heart of Morgan's argument - a pitcher cannot deceive a runner. The highlight of the exchange after Miller pointed out that fact:
Morgan: We can debate this all night.
Miller: Really? I think I just cleared it up in about 17 seconds.

You could actually Morgan fuming.

El Angelo said...

That was a classic moment as well, excellent call sir. And I'm glad the chaps at FJM are echoing this stupidity.