Thursday, June 21, 2007

Very Occasionally, I Am Wrong

Just last week I saddled and mounted my high horse in order to mock El Ang's pickup of Coco Crisp in our fantasy league. My rationale at the time was:
Coco's BAs by month since coming to Boston, starting with the most recent (and counting only those months with more than 100 PA):


Over that length of time, suck tends to find its own level. At this point, "forever" translates roughly to "as soon as we think the bigs won't cripple the psyche of Jacoby Ellsbury".

Compelling stuff. But how did Coco respond? By throwing up a line of .433/.456/.750, including three dingers in the recent series in Atlanta, since Ang plucked him off the scrap heap.

As I mentioned before, the guys at SoSH have done yeoman's work in this thread breaking down some changes Coco has made to his stance recently. Either those changes are working like ganagbusters, or we need to sign whichever Gold Club dancer has managed to put the Electric back in Coco's Slide. Perhaps Mystique and Aura have a place on the Red Sox after all.


El Angelo said...

I'd like to say I read SoSH, but outside of an occasional glance at Teddy's Seattle stuff, not really. I'm just that good. Which is why my team has 20 points in a league where you get 12 for signing up.

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