Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Headline Writers Run Amok

Somebody needs to switch the headline writers in Bristol over to decaf. Upon checking out this afternoon, I was greeted with this headline:

"Buehrle Brilliant as White Sox Spoil Indians' Day"

Because Mark Buehrle is on my team, I immediately did a heartfelt, if logistically complicated, seated jig in my office and went to check out his pitching line in anticipation of a statistically dominant performance. The actual line?

6.1 IP 1 ER 10 H 1 BB 3 K

Some may call that line brilliant; I'd call it very, very lucky. Buehrle must have been involved in more close scrapes than a gynocologist.
So, ESPN, for the sake of my blood pressure, please try to make your headlines at least mildly reflective of objectively measured reality. It's not too much to ask.

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