Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Training Thought for the Day: Midseason Form

Gee goodness, what the hell could Orlando Cabrera possibly see off in the distance at White Sox spring training that would cause him to react like that? We mean, the OC is coming off of a couple of surprisingly strong years in LA, and figures to get a nice park-effect bounce in his stats before heading off into free agency after the season. And, as we've amply demonstrated in our Spring Training series, it's not as though the Grapefruit League experience is all that alarming per se.
So life should be good! I mean, seriously what could . . . oh.

Hey, hi Ozzie. Maybe it'd be an idea to hold off on hat-whipping your players until the games start? Just a thought; obviously, you've got to go with your gut here. Enjoy the season!

(Photo credits Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune and M. Spencer Green/AP, images originally posted here at the Tribune website.)

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