Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome Back, Milton

After a quiet season to date, Milton Bradley broke out big-time last night. As reported by the Kansas City Star:

Excitement broke out after the game when Texas’ fiery outfielder Milton Bradley, who was the designated hitter Wednesday, was upset by some words he heard from Royals television announcer Ryan Lefebvre and made a dash up to the fourth floor to confront Lefebvre.

This is a major downside to DH'ing Bradley--it gives him far too much time to brood and/or spring into action. Sticking him in the outfield means he's only a threat to his teammates and low-flying aircraft.

For more of Milton, in his own words this time, we refer you to our interview of last year with Mr. Bradley.

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El Angelo said...

I just like the fact that we have a Milton Bradley tag on the Gazette, and he doesn't play for either the Mets or the Sox.

Also, thank you Carlos Beltran for preventing a full-scale riot today in Flushing. Wagner, go to hell.