Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back on the Scene: Revenge of the Daily Super Bowl Hype Meme

Now that we’ve taken our winter break, we here at the GRBG are tanned, rested, and ready for our traditional kickoff event. Yes, it’s time to break out the Daily Super Bowl Hype Meme, our annual chronicle of the media’s rapid descent into self-plagiaristic madness leading up to the big game.

The two weeks between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl make it excruciatingly clear that the ravenous maw of the 24-hour sports news machine cannot be satiated by actual news alone. A whole lot of random debris has to get tossed into the furnace to keep the train running. News organizations are thus forced to scour the horizon for anything even vaguely resembling a story, which in turn guarantees that any original story idea will be copied, reworked, respun, and represented again and again.

The dynamic of the media during these two terrible weeks is perhaps best described in the words of the great philosopher Jay (of Jay & Silent Bob fame):

"[W]e're gonna make them eat our s--t, then s--t out our s--t, and then eat their s--t that's made up of our s--t that we made 'em eat."

So with that ominously accurate description in mind, stay tuned over the next two weeks as we devote a daily post to identifying, classifying, demystifiying, and, in most cases, fervently decrying a overhyped meme we notice burrowing into the media’s collective brain like an earwig on meth. We’ll add links to this year’s gems to this post as we go. Onward!

January 26th: Brett Favre, Somehow
January 27th: Curtis Painter Takes A Dive
January 28th: Overhauling Overtime
February 1st: The Manning Brothers & the Williams Sisters>
February 2nd: Dwight Freeney (or das Boot II)
February 3rd: National Labor Relations, Bored
February 4th: Media Day Interview with Jeremy Shockey

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