Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Modest Achievement

As we've had cause to mention here previously, the GRBG doubles as a world repository of knowledge regarding Torkies. However, we here at the GRBG have recently been made aware of a form of Torkie admiration which we previously would have assumed did not exist anywhere on God's earth.

Like many website owners, we have a little bit of embedded code that lets us see where visitors come from, and sometimes see what keywords they searched on Google in order to find us. Upon checking the log this morning, we were informed that at 2PM New York time yesterday, a visitor from Islamabad, Pakistan came upon the GRBG by googling the phrase "torkie big girls sex".

Our immediate reaction was a desire to thank that brave CIA operative for keeping our nation safe. But, realizing that we don't really know enough about the sexual mores of urban Pakistan to rule out the possibility that this was an honest internet cafe query, we decided to keep an open mind. Either way, welcome to the GRBG! All are safe and loved here. Except you, that is, because that shit is effed the christ up.

Most importantly, though, thanks for the team name.

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