Monday, October 4, 2010

Les Jeux Sont Faites (The Games Are Done)

And so the 9th edition of the Wankdorf League comes to a thrilling conclusion, with team TSA's courageous gamble on an armada of second-tier final-day SP's paying off handsomely with their second title, and the Commish reverse-leapfrogging a couple of teams to secure the second-most ping pong balls in the '11 draft. In order to help cushion the blow of the season's end, we here at the GRBG will have a series of posts this week dissecting the league, handing out awards, and doling out accountability for some of the predictions we all made six months ago.

We begin with the updated all-time standings, which we first knocked together after last season in a post inexplicably titled after a line from a Francois Villon poem. Because we are sticklers for tradition, we figured we couldn't do much better than stealing from Jean-Paul Sartre this time around. Allons a classement generale!

AVG FINISH AVG PTS Cashes Cash % Wins Win %
Tucker (9) 2.4 89.1 6 0.666 4 0.444
Scot (6) 3.5 83.850.833 1 0.167
Alex (8) 4.8 76.3 3 0.375 2 0.250
Jake (9) 4.9 74.8 4 0.444 1 0.111
Teddy (9) 5.8 71.9 30.333 0 0.000
Darrandrew† (8) 6.1 67.8 2 0.250 1 0.111
Angelo (9) 6.8 58.9 2 0.222 0 0.000
Corey* (6) 7.2 60.7 1 0.167 0 0.000
Matty G. (3) 7.2 58.2 0 0.000 0 0.000
Will (8) 7.4 62.1 1 0.111 0 0.000
Sahil (9) 8.4 51.5 0 0.000 0 0.000
Jon (8) 8.5 51.2 0 0.000 0 0.000
Andy (9) 8.9 52.9 0 0.000 0 0.000
Dave (1) 9.0 48.5 0 0.000 0 0.000
Vihar (1) 9.0 48.5 0 0.000 0 0.000
Other Scot (1) 9.0 48.5 0 0.000 0 0.000
Mike* (3) 9.0 47.5 0 0.000 0 0.000
Val (1) 12.0 27.5 0 0.000 0 0.000

† Coupled as an entry because of past joint ownership.
* Split '07 season; finish assigned to Mike.

Some items of note:

- While things have tightened up or widened out in a number of places, there were only two place changes in the overall standings from last season to this. First, Alex's win pushed him juuuuust out ahead of Jake for third place all time. Second, further down the table, sahil has edged ahead of Jon.

- Our Fair Leader's 11th-place finish means that his overall average ordinal finish has slid to within 0.1 places of previously untouchable league doormat M*ke. A finish of 10th or worse next year would sink the commish below M*ke, which might be incentive enough to run hard to the finish line next year.

- It is now mathematically possible for Scot to catch Tucker for the overall #1 slot after next season, though it would require a pretty big spread.

- From the Stuck in the Middle With You file, Teddy's last-day swoon ensured that he and Sahil are still the only active league members never to have either won or finished last in the league. Teddy also tightened his grip on the Best Never to Win a Major label, which is ironic given his repeated abuse of Phil Mickelson in the past.

- While we're on the subject, Teddy's 93.5 points are the most ever recorded by a team finishing outside the top 2. We're sure that will be a comfort to him.

- Least impacted guy this season? Andrew, whose overall ordinal ranking stayed still at 6.1, and whose average point total moved by all of 0.4.

- We have nothing interesting to say about Angelo, Corey, or Will here. We're sure they'd agree.

Back later in the week with awards, a look at the Deathship, and the always uncomfortable accountability post.


Corey said...

That's ironic about Chad's score... weren't you two saying all season how this year could see a record low scoring top three?

El Angelo said...

I think what we're seeing is that to hit the money you're going to need more points than you did the first few years. This is a combination of teams trading off assets to rebuild, putting more points in play, and having Andy in the league.

Alex said...

Yep...the top player scores kept climbing as the teams that punted mid-season slowly sunk in categories to the contenders - especially as we had the earliest mass punting in league history this year I think.

Corey said...

In thatcase, will we see the same next year? Looking at the keeper list, this upcoming draft looks to be FAR richer than most years. Coincidence?