Sunday, April 15, 2007

Head-to-Head versus Rotisserie

I do not pride myself on being a great fantasy player, or even a very good one. I would, however, like to think that I'm halfway decent. I can "scout" talent, as it is. I read a fair amount of baseball material, and have a fair eye for who's on the improve and decline, and can sniff out sleepers fairly well. Am I as gifted as some of the owners in this league? Nah. But I'm not the worst at it either, as evidenced by a few decent showings in this league.

Which brings me to League #2 that I'm in, which is head-to-head. Let's ignore the fact that I think head-to-head is an abomination in baseball, as it's wildly unpredictable week to week with pitching starts, rate stats getting thrown out of whack, and diminishes the value of an injury prone yet good player (eg, Barry Bonds). And the playoffs are asinine, as what teams do with their players in September is wholly unrelated to the rest of the year, yet this is when you determine who gets all the marbles. Yeah, fantasy football has this problem to, but to a much lesser degree, and it's mostly obviated by knocking Week 17 out of the equation.

What I don't get is why my teams in H2H leagues perpetually blow, despite me having roughly the same amount of aptitude in drafting. I'll accept that I can't do well every year; injuries and bad luck make that an impossibility. But I'm now on Year Three of thinking I drafted a good team, and seeing my squad in next-to-last place. Ok, it's only after two weeks...but I'm still befuddled as to what the fungus happened here.

So I open the floor: what the hell am I missing in H2H? Is there some strategy difference between it and rotisserie? Am I dumb for valuing starters and power hitters and kids? Or am I just unlucky three times in a row? Is there a fundamental drafting difference I should know about? Because man, it sucks to be awful every time and not understand why.


Teddy said...

I think starters might not be the way to go in H2H. You'd be better off with a team of made up largely of closers and middle relievers, dominating ERA, WHIP, and SV, and hoping to vulture enough W's to steal that category.

Also, pitching in particular is wildly variable week-to-week, so you might just be running in bad luck. But I think the ability to game the two rate stats while nailing down SV makes relievers proportionally more valuable.

El Angelo said...

Fair point, though the problem is we have a 35 IP minimum per week. It's tough to compete without at least 3-4 starters at a given time. I'm still befuddled as to why my hitting stinks even more, though maybe that's just bad luck.

Anonymous said...

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