Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why It's Enrico Palazzo is in First Place

I was checking our old draft board regarding a player's eligibility, and immediately learned why IEP! is in first place. Here are their picks for this year's draft, in the 5th slot every round:
  1. Jake Peavy
  2. Gary Sheffield
  3. Chien-Ming Wang
  4. Saito
  5. Jose Contreras
  6. Mike Cuddyer
  7. Russ Martin
  8. Octavio Dotel
  9. Matt Lindstrom
  10. Joe Blanton
  11. David Weathers
  12. Hank Blalock
  13. Eric Byrnes
  14. Adam LaRoche
  15. Scott Linebrink

That, kids, is a fantastic set of picks. The first 3 have all be nothing shy of studs all year; Saito and Weathers have contributed as closers; Martin was possibly the best pick value-wise in the 7th round, and Blanton and Byrnes have been quite quite good as well. Having a strong keeper list didn't hurt, but man, when you draft that well, it's sometimes that easy.

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Teddy said...

I'm mainly just impressed that Ang figured out how to set up a poll.