Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Training Thought for the Day: Eight to Grow On

Spring training has inched along from the utter meaninglessness of ping-pong and Ozzie Guillen to the merely near-total meaninglessness of games pitting big-leaguers against local colleges. These games generally serve as an autograph opportunity for the college kids, and an early tee-time opportunity for the MLB contingent. As a competitive event, they tend to end up looking something like this:
One such matchup took place today, with the defending World Champion Red Sox taking on Boston College, the defending fifth-place team from the ACC Atlantic Division. The resultant beating (22-zip Sox thru five innings) was, well, unsurprising.

However, special mention must be made of BC pitcher Steven Cadoret, who seized his opportunity to compete against the best by putting up the following line:

0.2IP 5H 8R 6ER 5BB 0K 1WP 0HR 81.00ERA

By the looks of it, "Steven Cadoret" is French for "Daniel Cabrera."

Still, though, it's a useful reminder of just how freaking good guys in the majors are. We here at the GRBG expect that Cadoret could strike us both out on no more than 7 combined pitches. Yet the big leaguers are even better than he is, and by an order of magnitude. This is why we mainly stick to the fantasy advice.


El Angelo said...

The Mets tied Michigan 4-4. This is not reassuring to me, even if Drew Henson suited up for UM.

Teddy said...

The Sox ended up sweeping a day night doubleheader against BC and Northeastern by scores of 22-0 and 15-0, respectively.

Both were 7-inning games. The mind fairly reels.