Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Worst Keeper of 2010

It's time for the Fourth Annual Worst Keeper Award. Who will get their name inscribed below Chris Ianetta (2007), Rickie Weeks (2008) and Travis Hafner (2009)? Below are the nominees and their cases:
  • David Ortiz, DH, Boston (The Little Green One). Off steroids, fat, old, and slow.
  • Johnny Damon, OF, Detroit (Enrico Palazzo). Had a pretty good fantasy season last year (104 R, 24 HRs), but moves from a great lineup to a middling one and from a bandbox to spacious Comerica Park.
  • Mike Napoli, C, Anaheim (Gowanus Superfunders). How can you hit 20 home runs on a first place team and knock in fewer than 60 runs?
  • Carlos Gonzalez, OF, Colorado (Gowanus Superfunders). Didn't appear to take advantage of the Coors Field factor.
  • Howie Kendrick, 2B, Anaheim (Wu Tang Financial). Has no power, can't steal bases, can't stay healthy, and doesn't know how to take a walk. Outside of that, he's probably a nice guy.
  • Ryan Cum Dempster, RP, Chicago (Jeters Never Prosper). Here on general principle.
  • B.J. Upton, OF, Tampa Bay (Wu Tang Financial). Upton is probably the best player on this list. But by keeping a +2 guy, this squad cut former first round pick Josh Beckett, super closer Joakim Soria, and young stud Jayson Werth. Was it worth it?
The polls....are now open.


Anonymous said...

I selected BJ Upton for the poll and the poll posted Howie K. That makes sense. It's the same thing. What the fuck was John thinking? Jayson Werth, Josh Beckett, Joakim Soria or Howie Kendrick? Can't decide? Fine - keep them all if you're willing to part with BJ Upton!

Teddy said...

There's a interesting methodological question here. Upton is clearly a better player than just about all of the other guys on the list, so it's tough to say he's the worst *keeper*. However, the decision to keep him instead of the 3 other guys might be the the worst keeper *decision*.

In conclusion, Mike Napoli.

El Angelo said...

Like the question of how you define "most valuable" player, I leave how you define "worst keeper" up to the voters.