Monday, January 24, 2011

Year Four of the Daily Super Bowl Hype Meme

On one of the coldest days that we can remember, Jets and Bears fans aroused from their slumber, hoping that it was just a dream that Caleb Hanie (yes, that's him on the left) was slinging passes to Johnny Knox in the NFC Championship game and that Mark Sanchez's fumble/incompletion wasn't actually called a fumble and returned for the game-winning touchdown. Then they checked their clocks and calendars, and realized no, it wasn't a dream. We were getting a Packers-Steelers Super Bowl after all.

One of those Jets fans? Yours truly. That was the bad news. The worse news is that our Fourth Annual Daily Super B0wl Hype Meme was deprived of the New York Jets, who would have made this exercise easier than shooting fish in a barrel. Consider that of everything that happened in the Jets season on and off the field, the Inez Sainz Scandal--which was not much different from the Lisa Olson scandal that sank the Pats entire season 20 years ago--wouldn't crack the 5 most memorable things from the year. The media landscape would have had a field day with Rex Ryan, Braylon Edwards, Bart Scott, and God Knows Who Else.

Alas, we're left with Mike McCarthy and Mike Tomlin.

But no worries. Because we know that while it is a challenge for the media to find 13 days worth of pure garbage and drivel to fill up their time before Super Bowl 45, we have the utmost confidence that they'll do it. So once again, starting tomorrow, we'll be bringing back the Daily Super Bowl Hype Meme, where we analyze, deconstruct, riddle, and crap on whatever particular story related to the Super Bowl has grabbed hold of the media. At the end, we'll assign each story a numerical rating, with a 1 going to a detailed analysis of how Tramon Williams is going to try to shut down speed-freak Mike Wallace, and a 10 going to any story about how all of Seoul is rooting for Hines Ward.

Based on our extensive past research, we expect to find more misses than hits. Even in a year minus the greatest walking soundbite ever. We'll begin tomorrow.

EDIT: We'll fill in the memes as we go.

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