Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday Special

We'll have the long-overdue TA up tomorrow unless Teddy or I get eaten by locusts while slaving away at senseless briefs. But first, three things.


(2) We'll only do one preview of the Preakness come next Thursday or Friday, but early reports are that we'll have five runners from the Derby go on to Maryland: Street Sense (duh), Hard Spun (2nd place), Curlin, (3rd), Sedgefield (5th) and Teufelsberg (17th). Six or seven new shooters should be joining them, so let's give an early warm welcome to Chelokee, Xchanger, C P West, King of the Roxy, Slew's Tizzy, Flying First Class and Starbase. More to come next week on why I think Hard Spun is a horrendous bet in the Preakness, why Todd Pletcher really shouldn't be upset, who from that new group of horses you should be looking at (hello Chelokee & CP West!) and how Street Sense could lose.

(3) I want real opinions from Yankee fans on them bringing back Fatso today. (No, Mike Francesa will not be taking the Don Zimmer consigliere role, though frankly, that would be awesome.) My wife has declared she may never root for the Yankees again. My brother may have officially peed in his pants with delight. Personally, as a Met fan/Yankee hater, I'm elated that they've now gone beyond selling their soul to the devil and have sold it to Dick Cheney. So really, Alex & Co., what say ye?

TA truly coming tomorrow, and also to follow this week, our semi-regularly State of the League updates. Now, on with what you weren't doing.

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Alexander said...

Really, I can't see anything at all wrong with the Clemens signing. They fixed a problem for this season with money (which they have plenty of) and for once didn't trade away their prospects for it. So what if he's the highest paid player ever now...he'll more than make up for that salary in big stein's pockets.